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From marketing to franchise retail automation, Crowdconnect platform provides you with an end to end managed solution.

Why Crowdconnect?

A complete pickup-and-go retail franchise sales and marketing platform. We provide you with the tools and insights to effectively managed your day to day operations and drive to achieve the sales goals you’re aiming for.

Gamification & Marketing Automation
  • Contribution Loyalty system
  • Multiple games implementation
  • Campaign automation
  • Discount and coupon
  • Gifting
Franchise Focused System
  • Branded & White-labeled technology stack
  • Multi-tier access system (Master, Franchisee, Staff)
  • Central System
What you don’t get else where
  • We handle first level user support
  • Handle all financials and charge backs
  • Co-invest in marketing campaign
  • E-wallet and social elements
  • Access to users


Crowdconnect focuses on marketing automation. All our marketing modules are built with franchise growth in mind. Our marketing module target specific area of marketing from customer retention, engagement to up-selling and gamification.  Here’s a list of a few module you’ll get when you join Crowdconnect.

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Branded Mobile Application

White label mobile application with add on module such as pre-ordering, loyalty, gamification, gifting etc.

Gifting Module

Allow your users to send custom gift to their friends. One of our many user acquisition modules.

Gamification Module

Gamified campaign module which increase user engagement. Gamification modules includes games such as spin a wheel, scratchy, scavenger hunt and many more.

Franchise Loyalty System

Propriety franchise loyalty system which utilize algorithm to calculate contribution fees

Discount and Promotion Module

Control your campaign discount and promotion from a central platform. Auto discount application, custom mobile app promotion etc.

Upsell and Upgrade module

Fully automated upsell and promotion module with scheduling functionality for both POS and Mobile App.


Our technology suite is built around simplicity and efficiency. Our aim is to ensure that franchise owner and franchisee can operate their business efficiently. The goal is to provide franchise owner with the correct and necessary information to be able to make the right decision for their business. Our technology Suite includes,

  • Centralized cloud based IOS POS,
  • Hardware integration with Zebra, Epson and StarMicronics
  • EFTPOS Integration (Linkly)
  • Central Reporting and Analytics
  • Centralize Dashboard and Portal
  • Kitchen Display
  • Front Display (Client facing)
  • Onsite micro server (Fully offline mode)



Organize a free demo and see how Crowdconnect can help you grow and scale your business!