Presotea App
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Presotea App

About This Project

Presotea has been the go-to choice for bubble tea drinkers in Taiwan for over 10 years. After launching in Taiwan in 2006, Presotea now has over 400 stores across the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia & China.


After successfully launching in Australia over 10 years ago, Presotea has now become known as the freshest bubble tea choice in Western Australia with 16 stores throughout the Perth Metro Area.


2017 saw the first east coast store open its doors, with our Hurstville location, and in 2019 our first Melbourne store opened at The Glen. Many new openings are to follow throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 2020.


Presotea pioneered in store espresso-style brewing technology, with drinks only made upon ordering. This superior brewing technique, combined with our extensive range and commitment to high quality tea, means we’re placing the freshest tea possible in the hands of tea lovers across Australia.

Mobile Technology