League Terms
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  • Campaign Date: 2nd August 2021 – 29th August 2021 for 4 weeks (1 league per week).
  • League will start on Monday and end on Sunday at 6PM (+8GMT Perth Time)
  • Dollars spent are based on the time when the order is accepted by the store.
  • In the event of two users who spend the same amount of money, for example, User A spent $100 on Monday and User B spent $100 on Tuesday, User A will be placed on top of User B unless User B spends more than $100.
  • Available at all Presotea stores across Australia through Presotea app or in-store purchase, not available via delivery apps (UberEats, Deliveroo, [email protected] etc.).
  • Any users found engaging in fraudulent activity will be eliminated from the league.
  • Dollars spent on all merchandise are not included in this campaign.
  • Free drinks redeemed via Preso Dollars are not counted towards your League Dollar spent.
  • Prizes collection is located at Presotea Raine Sq wuth signature, user ID check and winning e-mail required.
  • Winner must collect prizes before 31/12/2021
  • For last minute order placement prior to league ends, you’ll run the risk of your order not being accepted on time and there for not counted towards your league spent.
  • Presotea reserves the right to final interpretation of the content shown above.
  • All Presotea franchise owners and staffs are NOT eligible to participate in this campaign.