Crowdconnect | Presotea Platform
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Presotea Platform

Pre-ordering, universal loyalty, POS and centralise dashboard

About This Project


    • Can’t scale the business without a proper system for tracking all store performance on a single platform
    • Using a 3rd party loyalty system which is not agile and can’t provide users with a universal loyalty system.
    • Loosing potential clients during peak hours due to long wait time
    • Wasn’t able to track return on investment for their marketing spend
    • Having trouble showing value to franchisee and staying relevant in a competitive space.



    • Deployed a custom POS for all of their stores
    • Deployed a mobile app for users that provide users with universal loyalty system, pre-ordering and payment on both IOS and Andriod
    • Integrate pre-orders into POS to streamline order process
    • Deployed a central dashboard for master franchise which provide them with the ability to track store performance, trend, inventory, marketing campaign performance etc.
    • Create, plan and execute marketing campaign and activities.


loyalty, marketing, preorder, technology