Crowdconnect | Who We Are
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Who We Are


Our team is a bunch of people who take your business objectives very seriously, and have in-depth technology knowledge, and international marketing experience.


After working with many clients in the F&B industry and many franchises, we could see there was a huge need for many businesses to update their systems and processes to the most current technology, to save time, cut costs and make their staff’s lives easier.


We also had a lot of clients who knew they should be “doing marketing”, but didn’t have the expertise, and were reluctant to invest in marketing if here was no accountability and way to prove the marketing campaigns and money spent were effective.

Crowd Connect was born out the need of many business owner’s desire to modernize and optimise the way they do business, and drive sales with marketing which they know they can track and prove to be effective.

Management Team

Meet the superstar team that makes it all happen


Jonathan Lim

Founder & Kick ass CEO

Sean Shwe

Strategic Founding Partner

Laura Dew

Marketing Director

Rodney Fletcher

Chief Technology